26 Eylül 2008 Cuma

Come on out, don’t be another fool

Come on out, don’t be another fool.
We’ll go anywhere…anywhere.
If half a heart has made your tongue a tool,
go everywhere that isn’t here.

If you’re naked on a blue screen,
we’ll change the scene you’re in.
If you’re blinded by a big beam
half drunk with reddened skin...

Then come on out, don’t be another fool.
We’ll go anywhere, just anywhere…
Half a heart from you will never do.
Let’s go everywhere that’s far from here.

Across town the sound of your jeans
seems miracles away.
I had dreams I was in your dreams
no matter where you’d stay.
Tender is the night, it now seems,
but not the waking day.

Despite no light I’ll find you,
I’ll always be your salutary leech.
And if the blindest kindness blinds you,
all hell breaks loose when my arms go besiege.

And every door will yield,
and every window sunder into cells…
Tonight you’re sleeping with someone else,
the only problem is that you’re not sleeping at all.

Please come on out, don’t be another fool.
We’ll go anywhere...
a billion endless worlds away from here.

If we’re happy on a barstool,
we’ll buy the bar we’re in.
If we’re kicked out every art school,
we’ll paint each other’s skin.
If your jokes prove you an arch fool,
I’ll love you with a grin...

And you'll blush,
you blush my girl
you blush.

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